Low Carb Diet: Fat or Fiction?

Recent research suggests low carb diets could improve the lives of people suffering from obesity and diabetes. 

Dr Maryanne Demasi asks international doctors, sports scientists and Australia’s leading nutritionists whether the low carb diet is just another 'fad'. For @ABCCatalyst

Too Much Medicine

Advances in medicine have propelled healthcare to new heights and a vast array of diagnostic tests and drug therapies is now available. But some doctors are concerned that resources are being wasted on the "worried well". Could excessive medical interventions be causing more harm than good? 

Dr Maryanne Demasi examines how our relentless pursuit for good health might be making us sick. For @ABCCcatalyst

Gluten: A Gut Feeling

Gluten is the new dietary enemy. Millions of people around the world are giving up gluten in pursuit of better health. With celebrity endorsements and best selling books, there is a ground swell of support for the gluten-free diet.

The believers say it can cure a wide range of diseases like arthritis, depression, even autism. But is this unprecedented uptake of the diet justified? 

In this special investigation, Dr Maryanne Demasi cuts through the hype of the gluten free diet for @ABCCatalyst

Toxic Sugar ?

In only a few decades, there are now more obese people on the planet than there are undernourished.  Sugar is now being proposed by experts as the new dietary villain that's making us fat and sick. Dr Maryanne Demasi investigates the bitter truth behind our sweet obsession with sugar.  For @ABCCatalyst

Our Chemical Lives

A large proportion of unregulated environmental chemicals are known as endocrine disruptors. They mimic our hormones and disrupt virtually every aspect of human health – beginning at our most vulnerable time, in the womb. Experts believe the rise in the use of industrial chemicals is linked to issues like lower IQ, cancer and reproductive problems.

 Dr Maryanne Demasi investigates whether we are in the midst of an uncontrolled, human experiment? For @ABCCatalyst

Tamiflu - The hidden trials

Antiviral drugs like Tamiflu were thought to be an effective weapon against influenza but it now turns out this was based on incomplete evidence. Clinical trials were kept secret by the drug manufacturers while governments around the world spent millions of dollars stockpiling these medications in preparation for a pandemic. But now the hidden trials have been revealed.  Dr Maryanne Demasi investigates whether these drugs are still effective.  For ABCCatalyst